Sheridan Equipment Sales

Our salesmen are experts on vineyard and dairy tractors and equipment.  They are trained to ask you the right questions to determine exactly what equipment will work best for you from the big 200 hp tractors to small compact tractors for your back yard jobs.

Mike Wilson is a vineyard equipment specialist who owns his own grape farm and knows what tractors and attachments will do the job right the first time.  He’s knowledgeable on grape sprayers, narrow vineyard tractors, and equipment to maintain your grape trellis.   He understands the special requirements you have in vineyard equipment for juice or wine grapes.   He also knows dairy tractors and equipment and can help determine the right size tractor for the job you need done.  Mike is the General Manager of the Sheridan store.

Matt Doud has years of experience establishing manure management systems for dairies milking from 300-5000 cows. He travels all around the north east setting up pumping and injection systems for large dairies, and has recently taken on the line of manure separators as well.  His specialty is Pioneer, Cornell and Gorman Rupp pumps as well as the complete line Hydro drag hose manure injection equipment and Amadas irrigation equipment.

Dan Carlson grew up on a dairy farm in the Centralia/Stockton area.  He has been in sales for a number of years and is knowledgeable about the equipment necessary to run a dairy farm.  He also is knowledgeable on all the tractor models for any homeowner looking to invest in a tractor for their property.

We work with CNH Capital, AgriCredit and Mahindra Finance  to obtain the best rate possible for you on a purchase of new or used equipment. Please contact your salesman to see what the current rates and incentives are.
cnh capital

Ask the salesmen to explain to you our free pickup/delivery policy on New Holland and Mahindra equipment when you have a warranty issue.  Many other dealers do not offer such a savings.  We also have a 50 hour service inspection on new New Holland tractors that includes free labor and pickup/delivery.  Matt, Mike or Dan can go over all the details on that as well.  It’s just another benefit to buying your tractor from Larry Romance and Son!

We sell equipment for all the companies listed below; if there’s something that you’re interested in that you don’t see-call us.  Chances are we sell it!


Mike Wilson cell phone 716 785 1031 email

Matt Doud cell phone 716 307 8509

Dan Carlson cell phone 716 640 3701

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